Do Dogs Need Vitamins?

This is a very quick bite sized blog about whether dogs need vitamins.

It is very important to say from the outset that you should NOT give your dog (or any pets for that matter) human vitamins.

  • Dogs as we know have very different dog nutritional requirements to us. Feeding human vitamins can be extremely harmful to your dog and cause dog illnesses. For example too much calcium can make them very ill. It can cause skeletal problems in large breed puppies. Too much vitamin D for dogs can cause your dog to stop eating (I don’t think my dogs have an excess of vitamin D!), can have an adverse effect on their bones and can result in muscle wastage.

  • Just like us, some dogs do require vitamins as part of their diet.

  • Vitamins help your dog to function, have strong bones and teeth, healthy skin and provide vitality too. I take a human multi vitamin tablet every day and it really helps to make up for the shortfall in vitamins and minerals, due to my busy life. 

  • BALANCED DIET FOR DOGS - Dogs who have a balanced diet, including vitamins and minerals from a commercially produced dog food probably don’t need a vitamin supplement.

  • However, some of the ingredients and the claims on commercially produced dog foods are at best misleading and at worst lies, which are damaging for your dog. 

  • So, a good balance would be a good dog food with a vitamin supplement in some cases. Try choosing a well known or reputable pet store or pet supermarket when buying dog food as they don’t tend to stock the rubbish stuff.

  • Personally I feed my dogs a vitamin supplement (it is our Nourish + C All in One Multi Vitamin and Mineral Supplement), because as well as being a gluten and wheat free dog food supplement it just makes up for any shortfalls in their already great diet. They thrive on it and are in fantastic health and condition. This makes them happy, they enjoy life to the max and of course this makes me and my family happy as a result.

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