Dog Food Storage - A few simple pointers

Dog food storage? You may ask! I just keep the dog’s food in a cupboard in the kitchen! Well that’s fine and if you follow a few simple steps (which I’m sure you are doing anyway) then you will be a successful ‘dog food storer’ (I wouldn’t put it on your CV though!)

Original Packaging

It is always advisable to keep the original packaging that the dog food is already stored in. Modern day dog food storage bags have been designed to keep the food as fresh as possible, for as long as possible. By retaining the dog food bag you will have the expiry date, batch number and barcode which are all important if the manufacturer recalled the dog food, but also you need to know how long the food will last yourself. Just like human food, dog food can go off and cause illness if eaten past the expiry date.

If you make homemade dog food from a dog food recipe then there is a simple standard to adhere to. The moisture the food or treat, the shorter the expiry date. And, the drier the food or treat, the longer the expiry date. There are loads of dog food recipes on line, I’m not going to go into details of them here, so just google away


I’m not referring to the global super star singer. One of the most common mistakes people make is that they fail to reseal the dog food storage bag once it has been opened after every use. There is a risk of the food degrading much quicker and being exposed to bacterial infection, which again if eaten can cause serious illness in your dog. So, seal, seal seal!!

Keep the food in a dry cool environment out of direct sunlight exposure as again this will accelerate the degrading process.

Depending on the dog food manufacturer will depend on how long you can leave dry food out. Natural and artificial preservatives are contained in some dog foods which makes them last up to the expiry date. If you are unsure then contact the manufacturer direct and ask the question.

With tinned food it is a little bit different. Once it has been opened it should not be left out exposed for more than 2 hours. Seal the tin if there is anything left and pop it in the fridge. Any unopened food should be kept at room temperature (unless you live in the Sahara).

Clean your dog’s Bowl!

This is a bug bear of mine. Dog bowls should really be cleaned after every use. Now I know this is not always practical given the busy lives we lead, but I suppose the question to ask is, “Would I eat out of that bowl?” If the answer is no then wash it like you wash your own dishes. It is really to stop salmonella and listeria bacteria’s forming which as we know are rather nasty! I suppose common sense is key here.

Kids and dogs

Do you let the kids feed your dogs? I know we all want our children to be more responsible and I know some are, but it is probably not a good idea as kids tend to be unreliable if they are unsupervised. Children are more likely to administer incorrect amounts of food and also are not as disciplined with their cleanliness. This may have an adverse effect on your dog’s diet and also on infections your child may contract. So if you are going to allow your children to feed Spot then maybe supervise them till you are confident they are doing it correctly. Just think, you can start them on the household chores like dusting and washing next!

So there you have it. I’d like to say that this blog is a comprehensive study of the exciting topic of dog food storage, but it isn’t. Just a few pointers to help you folks. Good luck and stay safe!

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