An Innovative Dog Joint Supplement for Active Dogs, Working Dogs, dogs with stiff or tender joints or Older dogs.

Great for Performance and Sports Dogs who are looking for that extra zing!


    • With all of the Benefits of Nourish + C and essential ingredients to encourage joint mobility, assist dog joint stiffness and soothes tender joints.


    • Healthy Shiny Coat


    • Superb Skin condition


    • Encourages the building of Healthy Cartliage, Ligaments, Tendons and assists Joint Comfort, Joint Mobility and Strength


    • Optimum Condition, Wellness and Vitality from the inside out


    • Better Stamina


    • Better Recovery Rate



    **NOTE FOR COMPETITION DOGS (Greyhounds, Sheep Dogs, Flyball, Sled Dogs, Agility, Gun Dogs etc.)**


    All the ingredients in our products are NATURAL and in no way contain Prohibited Substances. Also, none of our ingredients are banned by the following bodies:


    Great Britain Greyhound Board (GBGB) and Irish Greyhound Board (IGB)

    The International Sheep Dog Society (ISDS)

    British Flyball Association (BFA),

    International Federation of Sleddog Sports (IFSS)
    The British Kennel Club,

    UK Agility (UKA),

    The British Association of Shooting and Conservation (BASC)


    All our products are developed within the European Pet Industry Federation (FEDIAF) and the National Research Council's (NRC) Guidelines


    If you would like a full list of ingredients then please email us at or call on 0191 379 00 77

    Max Strength Premium Canine Joint Supplement - Adult Working & Performance From

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    • "Dev from Winston & Porter recommended to try Nourish + C Max Strength Dog Supplement which I did with a lot of skepticism, as I don't believe any of these supplements work. HOW WRONG was I! It is unbelievable how Tia

      has changed after a few weeks, everybody thinks I have a new 2 year old dog."


      Richard, Jersey


      A very Comprehensive Dog Supplement containing High Levels of MSM, Chondroitin Sulphate, Extra Strength Glucosamine HCL, Hyaluronic Acid (HA) and Omega 3’s to soothe aching joints (see levels below). Together, these SUPER 4 ingredients form a binding agent which means less of the Essential ingredients are excreted from the body. So, more of the good stuff stays to do its job. 



      QUADRUPLE ACTION Containing:

      1. High Strength Glucosamine for dogs (HCL) - Glucosamine promotes healthy cartilage and is the actual joint lubrication.

      2. High Levels of Chondroitin for dogs - Chondroitin attracts fluid to your dog's joints to lubricate the dry cartilage.

      3. High Levels of Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM for dogs) 

      4. Hyaluronic Acid (HA) - HA is a gel-like water holding molecule that is the space filler and cushioning agent in all mammals. HA cushions joints, nerves, hydrates skin and hair. It works as a shock absorber lubricating the fluid in the joint tissues as well as stabilising its breakdown.


      • Encourages healthy tendons, ligaments, cartliage and 
      • Assist with dog joint stiffness and mobility.


      You should start to notice a marked difference within 2-3 weeks.


      Daily Analytical Amounts: MSM, Chondroitin and Glucosamine amounts for dogs in Max Strength


      MSM 1000mg
      Glucosamine HCL 1000mg
      Chondroitin Sulphate 1200mg


      Feeding Instructions:

      Small dog (0 - 15 kg eg. Jack Russell) 

      Half measure per day (20 grams approx)


      Medium Dog (15 - 40 kg eg. Spaniel)    

      Level measure per day (40 grams approx)


      Large Dog (40 kg + eg. German Shepherd) 

      Heaped measure per day (60 grams approx)


      Mix with water to make a porridge type consistency or mix in with wet food. Alternatively, sprinkle on wet or dry food.


      Recommended Loading amount: Double the measure for the first seven days acording to the size of your dog with the very first pouch. Although this is not compulsary we recommend this to achieve best results. This will affect how long the first tub lasts and may last less than 30 days.

      Please Note: 30 Days supply is based on a daily maintenance measure recommended above dependent on the size of your dog, so lower measured amounts will last longer than 30 days and higher measured amounts will last less than 30 days.

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