Nourish + C is a Comprehensive ALL IN ONE Multi Vitamin and Mineral Dog Supplement. One of the best multi vitamin and mineral supplements for dogs on the market today.

Contains: High Levels of MSM for dogs

High in Omega 3's

Pre and Pro- Biotics for Excellent gut and digestive health

18 of the 22 Amino Acids, including ALL 9 Essential Amino Acids


  • Healthy Shiny Coat (assists dog grooming)
  • Strong Healthy Bones and Joints
  • Healthy digestion
  • Optimum Condition 
  • Wellness and Vitality from the Inside Out




**NOTE FOR COMPETITION DOGS (Greyhounds, Sheep Dogs, Flyball, Sled Dogs, Agility, Gun Dogs etc.)**


All the ingredients in our products are NATURAL and in no way contain Prohibited Substances. Also, none of our ingredients are banned by the following bodies:


Great Britain Greyhound Board (GBGB) and Irish Greyhound Board (IGB)

The International Sheep Dog Society (ISDS)

British Flyball Association (BFA),

International Federation of Sleddog Sports (IFSS)
The British Kennel Club,

UK Agility (UKA),

The British Association of Shooting and Conservation (BASC)


All our products are developed within the European Pet Industry Federation (FEDIAF) and the National Research Council's (NRC) Guidelines


If you would like a full list of ingredients then please email us at or call on 0191 379 00 77

Nourish + C Premium Multi Vitamin & Mineral ALL IN ONE Dog Supplement From

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  • "We were recommended to try Winston and Porter's Nourish + C and since starting to use it I have noticed Beanie's coat has become much more shiny and she’s full of life! I’d happily recommend Nourish + C to friends and family!"


    Kitty, Surrey


    Multi Vitamins for dogs - It is recommended that dogs have 37 essential vitamins and minerals in their diet to achieve optimum health. Nourish + C has 46 including the 37 essential multi vitamins and minerals for dogs! Our canine nutritionist has created a very unique natural dog food supplement which has many other benefits too.


    For example Nourish + C has:

    • More omega-3 fatty acids than salmon
    • A wealth of Antioxidants and Minerals
    • A Complete source of Protein
    • More fibre than flax seed.


    It has a very high concentration of omega-3 Alpha-Linolenic Acid (ALA). According to researchers, ALA is the omega-3 with the greatest positive impact on Cardiovascular and Mental Health.

    Daily Analytical Amount of MSM:


    MSM               1000mg      


    Feeding Instructions:


    Small dog (0-15 kg eg. Jack Russell) 

    Half measure per day (20 grams approx)


    Medium Dog (15 - 40 kg eg. Spaniel) 

    Level measure per day (40 grams approx)


    Large Dog (40 kg + eg. German Shepherd) 

    Heaped measure per day (60 grams approx)




    Mix with warm water to make a porridge type consistency or mix in with wet food. Alternatively, sprinkle on wet or dry food.


    Recommended Loading Dose: Double the dose for the first seven days acording to the size of your dog with your very first pouch. Although this is not compulsary we recommend to achieve best results. This will affect how long the first tub lasts and may last less than 30 days.


    Please Note: 30 Days supply is based on a daily maintenance dose recommended above dependent on the size of your dog, so lower dosage amounts will last longer than 30 days and higher dosage amounts will last less than 30 days

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